Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Lexicon Collection welcomes you to a showcase in its First edition.

The Lexicon Collection is a repertoire of art. Its genesis lies in the fact that art needs to be broad based, depictive and is enabled to display hues of a civilisation, and not just an era. The collection has some of the leading artists of the Indian contemporary art scene as well as some who are not so well known today. They will become famous too as time and the dimensions of art expand.

The Lexicon Collection’s objective is to become a repository of different art forms from all over the world and it just so happens that it has begun from India.

It’s a continuing exercise into the collection of good art, which has a recognisable message and represents hues of our civilisation. At the moment, the collection has attracted over 400 pieces of art and continues to attract more. One day, the collection may travel to places all over the planet and make a visual impact in the minds of connoisseurs and others. They will see the various themes, which are of rural India and urban India.

The collection is not about the deprivation of human beings and other negative aspects of human life. It celebrates life. Hence, the colours of the canvases, poses of the sculptures and the other art forms are lively. It by no means, implies that the collection does not recognise the other side of life, but in contrast, it showcases what happens when the clouds pass over.
The Lexicon Collection welcomes you to a showcase in its First edition. Here is a collection from 101 contemporary artists, who are arranged in no real order. All the artworks are the editor’s pick, and an interaction with the creators determined the choice.

A hearty welcome to The Lexicon Collection.

About the collection...

Woman’s Era has been at the helm of highlighting women, their lifestyles and
family since 1973. Though times have changed, Woman’s Era has recognised
that most of the major problems of life don’t. Rather, their solutions have to be
modified to suit the changing canvas of the Indian society. This is also in sync
with what its founder Vishwanathji (1917-2002) envisioned.

In the light of these concerns, the magazine has evolved to be better equipped for its readers. Now, the readership is 10 lakh plus as per the latest surveys and it remains to be the best-read women’s magazine by women. Certainly, Woman’s Era remains a magazine for women rather than about them.

The magazine covers a wide variety of topics for its discerning readers, art and artists being a part of it. Every issue celebrates them, hence the birth of The Lexicon Collection. Which singularly recognises the endeavour to leave an imprint on society.

The Lexicon Collection is compiled by Divesh Nath, the managing editor and
publishing director of Delhi Press Magazines’ Woman’s Era and Alive. He is also the founder of MassCoMedia, which is a mass communications education facility and a media infrastructure company providing the latest media education for the newage journalists of the country.

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